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Tornado Foosball Tables

Tornado is the most respected name in foosball, and for good reason. As the official foosball table used in competitive foosball, Tornado foosball tables are designed to withstand endless hours of high-speed game play. Whether you're a competitive player, a restaurant or bar owner, or simply want to add an amazing game to your rec room, Tornado is the way to go.

Tornado foosball tables are made with only the highest quality parts. Tornado foosball tables are perfect for bars, arcades, game rooms, and home use. All Tornado tables shipped from Foosball Planet come with free shipping, including free insurance, and no sales tax (except in California.)

Here are the various tables offered by Tornado:

Tornado Classic - Best Overall Value


Price: $2,395
Free Shipping, No Tax


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When someone thinks of a Tornado table, chances are, they're thinking of the Tornado Classic. This is the table that launched Tornado's rise to fame. 

This table is the recommended choice for non-competitive players of all types, including for home or office rec rooms or for bars.

Competitive players should choose the Tournament 3000.

This table comes with:

  • Professional grade leg-levelers that make it easy to perfectly balance the table, to ensure the game is fair for both sides.
  • Genuine wood handles for improved grip, perfect for speed shots.
  • Extra thick cabinet (frame) to resist warping. The Classic's cabinet is 50% thicker than most other foosball tables, which means it'll last years longer than other models.
  • Leather corners to protect against scratches, as well as for improved design.

Tornado Sport - The Most Economical Option


Price: $1,995
Free Shipping, No Tax

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The Tornado Sport is a fantastic option for both competitive and beginning players. It's Tornado's most affordable option.

The table is still made with Tornado's style of superior craftmanship. The table, including the rods and the men are still made with the highest quality parts, manufactured by in-house by Tornado. 

This table lets you own a foosball table made by the best in the business, at a fraction of the cost.

This Table Comes With:

  • Patented SureGrip plastic handles with improved materials for maximum traction.
  • Bend-Resistant Steel Rods. rods are designed to resist bending, even during extreme play.
  • Fast and easy assembly.

Tornado Tournament 3000 - Best for Competitive Play


Price: $2,995 
Free Shipping, No Tax

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The T-3000 is also the only official table for the Tornado National Foosball League and the Tornado National Tour. It's the most commonly used tournament foosball table in the world.

When it comes to quality, durability and playability, no foosball table in the world can match the T-3000.

If you want the best of the best, this is the table to choose.

The Tornado 3000 includes:

  • Hollowed steel rods for speed shots. Rods are light and durable, making it ideal for fast spins.
  • Improved player figures with wider feet for better shots.
  • High-power rod bearings for improved ball control.
  • Carefully tested and balanced for tournament-level play.

Tornado Worthington Style - for High-End Design


Price: $3,595
Free Shipping, No Tax

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The Worthington-Style foosball table is the perfect blend of classy design and competitive gameplay.

This foosball table is designed to integrate into a room's design. It can be the centerpiece of a gameroom, or accent a room's existing design.

In addition to having fantastic style, this table also features Tornado's signature play style and quality. The Tornado Worthington adds both elegance and fun to any game room.

This table features:

  • Wood-accented cabinet and Worthington style design to create a luxurious design feel.
  • Protected corners to prevent scratching. (Corners are generally the fastest parts of a table to get scratched. The Worthington style foosball table is protected against those scratches.)
  • Rugged steel rods that won't bend over time.
  • Play style like the Classic or T-3000, with improved design elements.

Tornado Elite - For a Victorian Touch


Price: $2,695
Free Shipping, No Tax

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The Tornado Elite is very similar to the Tornado Classic, but with a victorian-style rich cherry laminate.

It's made with the same first class materials and workmanship, with an upgrade on the look and feel.

This table is designed for players who want both a high quality foosball table, as well as a table that matches their home's interior design.

This table comes with:

  • Natural wood handles for improved grip.
  • Rich cherry laminate and leather corners for improved aesthetics.
  • Improved ball bearing design that makes passing shots and blocking shots easier.
  • Professional-grade leg levelers.

Tornado Whirlwind and Storm: Discontinued

The Tornado Whirlwind model was replaced by the Tornado Sport in 2010.

The Tornado Storm I and Storm II were both discontinued. The closest model is the Tornado Elite, which has a similar design and color to the old Storm models.