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 Picture of RS Barcelona Inox RS3 Wood Outdoor Foosball Table

RS Barcelona Inox RS3 Wood Outdoor Foosball Table

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The price includes curbside shipping to most locations within the 48 contiguous states. Please read our Shipping & Returns Policy for full details.

The RS Barcelona Inox RS3 Wood Foosball Table is one of the most unique products in the line, offering a brand new feature that is a first among its kind: iroko wood. Designed by world-renowned Rafael Rodriguez, the RS Barcelona Wood is made of a durable material that is great for using outdoors. This tough yet elegant structure makes it easy for players to enjoy a game of foosball outside, without having to worry about structural damage from the elements. This particular wood comes in an inox version, which offers a solid stainless steel construction for added durability and elegance.

This all-terrain foosball table can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, making it easy for you to find a special spot for it to fit in among the already-existing aesthetic of your home. It is lightweight yet durable, offering transportability without sacrificing sturdiness or longevity.

The steel structure of this foosball table is reinforced with a steel cataphoresis coating project, helping to secure and protect each painted item against windy weather conditions. The coating on each piece prevents it from wear and tear, and offers a great way for you and your friends to play for hours on end without damaging the table.

Product Features:

  • Fully customizable players (hair, gender, clothing & more)
  • Fully customizable color playing pitch
  • Fully customizable logo on table or body
  • Built to your specifications (we help you through the process)
  • Rapid lead time
  • The RS Barcelona Inox RS3 Wood Foosball Table is built with a special inox structure, reinforcing it with stainless steel for added toughness while maintaining a sleek and modern design.
  • The steel uses a cataphoresis coating process, protecting it with the paint color of your choice and keeping it sealed against the elements.
  • The foosball players on each side are made of full cast aluminum and are painted in standard colors so that you can easily recognized them. They are also protected against the elements and come on a brightly colored playing field for easy visibility.
  • The HPL field is a durable material that won’t scratch or wear.
  • The handles and legs of this foosball table are constructed of an iroko wood, which is a strong and durable wood that offers great durability for outside use.
  • The table comes with the option to purchase a PVC table cover, offering even more protection against the elements. If you plan on using this table outside frequently, it may be wise to invest in this cover.

The RS Barcelona Inox RS3 Wood Foosball Table measures 59.5” x 51” x 36”, making it a large and durable table that is still easy to carry and move around. It weighs 160lbs, making it lightweight without sacrificing the ability to stand on its feet. This elegant and durable table is a great and fun addition to any outdoor living space.

The Free Deluxe Maintenance Kit Features $60 Value:

  • Professional Rod Silicone
  • Foosball Handle Cleaner
  • Pro Style Handle Wraps - Complete Set
  • High Velocity Coral Pink Foosballs Set

We want you to take full advantage of all RS Barcelona customizations. Once you order your RS table, we will call you to go over full customizations so that we may tailor the order to your specifications.


    Please Read First

    Most game tables ship via freight. Freight delivery processes are far different than the regular UPS/Fedex deliveries many customers are accustomed to. As a result, it is imperative you read all the details in the Shipping & Returns Policy. By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed with the Shipping & Returns Policies in their entirety.

    Order Confirmation

    As soon as you place your order you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. Please verify item type and color/dimensions. If you wish to make any changes, you would need to do so prior to your item shipping. 

    • The Order Confirmation means that we have received your order in our system.
    • As soon as we receive your order we automatically verify that the item is in stock and available for immediate shipment.
    • If your item is on backorder or unavailable we will void the card authorization and promptly reach out to you via phone or e-mail.
    • By placing an order you acknowledge that the item is able to maneuver / fit in your home and any returns as a result of size will be your responsibility. Please see Cancellations sections for information on returns. 

    You are free to cancel without penalty or obligation prior to your order shipping. Many heavy freight items cost a great deal to ship, therefore it is very important you ensure beforehand you will have enough help to move the item, as well as enough space in the home/business to maneuver the item.

    Shipping Your Order

    If your item is in stock:

    • Your order will ship within five business days from the order confirmation date.
    • We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out.
    • Most foosball tables are shipped via freight--delivery time is approximately 5-7 business days.
    • Please feel free to inquire if you do not receive the tracking information, since the email may sometimes end up in junk or other folders. 
    • Shipping lead times may be longer than usual during holiday/rush periods, or supplier's warehouse backlogs. We will immediately inform you if this is the case and obtain your permission to proceed.

    **Please note some custom Foosball Table orders may take longer than 5 business days to ship, as we need to ensure they are crated safely to avoid transit damage. Customized Foosball Tables (ie. Tornado Platinum) also possess lead times of approximately 2 weeks as they are built to order in the USA.**

    Rest assured we will always do our very best to ensure the promptest delivery. Guaranteed shipment dates and express service may be available, please let us know if you need rush service.


    Delivery Instructions

    The delivery instructions email will be sent to the same email address as the order confirmation email.

    • Once your order has shipped, you will receive a delivery instructions email. 
    • Please read this email carefully as it outlines how to receive your item and what to do in the event your item or box arrives damaged.

    It is a customer's responsibility to read this email and familiarize themselves with our shipping and returns policy. We also highly recommend you check your junk or spam folder. 


    Please read the instructions below very carefully as they pertain to refunds and replacements. 

    Inspect your purchase to ensure that it is in good condition upon arrival and that the number of boxes on the delivery bill match the number of boxes you received. If your item(s)/box arrives damaged or short, it is very important you follow these exact instructions:

    • Note the damage on the delivery bill (also known as a bill of lading)
    • Note any shortage of items/boxes
    • Take photographs of all sides of the box as well
    • Send the photos to so we can process an insurance claim/replacement.

    Examples of damage to a box are: rips, holes, crush, dings, etc. 

    If the box/package looks OK but you feel the item within may be damaged:

    • Note "possible concealed damaged"

    In the event the damage is concealed (meaning the box looks good but the item within is damaged)--DO NOT THROW THE BOX AWAY and take pictures of the box as well as the product. 

    • Disposing of the box at any point or not following the above procedures annuls our ability to process refunds and replacements.
    • Insurance/manufacturers require photographs of both the box (all sides) and the product.

    It is very important that any damage or shortages are:

    • Reported within five calendar days of receipt of the merchandise, due to carrier insurance regulations and rules.
    • If the concealed damage is cosmetic only, we reserve the right to first attempt to repair the unit as new with a part or professional assistance. 

    In order to receive an immediate refund or replacement for concealed damage:

    • You agree to hold onto the damaged item and not dispose of it until further instructions are provided by the manufacturer or by us.
    • You agree to not dispose of the original box/carton the item came in.


    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us immediately at 407-308-0090 and we will be glad to promptly assist you or answer any concerns. 

    Cancellations & Refunds

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. Most purchases may be canceled at no cost prior to shipment. If there are any third party or carrier errors, you agree to let us help you resolve these in a timely manner.

    Should you decide to cancel the order once it has already shipped:

    • You (the buyer) will be responsible for all shipping charges, including return shipping and any manufacturer restocking fees.
    • The refund will be processed once the item has been received at the warehouse.
    • Depending on the specific item and manufacturer warehouse, a restocking fee may be assessed.
    • Please note not all manufacturers accept returns--it is best to verify with us prior to placing your order. 
    • No returns permitted on any custom-built or made to order items or Berner Billiards products.
    • All acceptable returns must be made within 30 days from purchase transaction date. No Exceptions.

    For those items that are non-returnable but arrive damaged, we will promptly provide a replacement at absolutely no cost to you pursuant to our Damages and Shipping Insurance policy and procedures.

    Because we cannot sell used items, all returned items must be in new and unused condition, including original packaging (please do not assemble or modify the product in any way). 

    Freight delays may occur due to a carrier's dock delays (Fedex, UPS, etc), carrier item loss, inclement weather, and many factors beyond our control. We realize this is an inconvenience to you, however it is not grounds for cancellation. Please see Freight Issues section below for more information.

    Shipping Insurance

    Foosball Planet provides complimentary shipping insurance with all orders; we want your order to be fully insured and protected while in transit. Shipping insurance allows a merchant to replace or refund an order that suffers damage due to shipping, at no cost to the buyer.

    By accepting a damaged box and signing for it in "good condition", however, a customer acknowledge they wish to receive the order as is and cancel the right to any refund or replacement.

    Any box visibly damaged during shipping may indicate a damaged item within. This means a customer should always notate the damage to a box or item on the delivery bill, otherwise insurance cannot be filed and refunds/replacements cannot be made. We know this is pretty straight-forward, but we are required by credit card companies to legally disclose it! :) 

    We strive for your 100% satisfaction. In the event we process an insurance claim for damage, please bear in mind that we will always provide a refund or replacement without you having to wait for the claim process to be over. In doing so, however, you agree to hold onto the damaged item until the claim process is over. Refusal to warehouse the damaged item means shipping insurance cannot be executed and voids the ability to provide refunds/replacements. This is common practice with all U.S. carriers (UPS, Fedex, etc) when processing insurance claims for refunds or replacements and does not in any way make you responsible for the delivery damage. 

    If you have any questions at all, please contact us a 407-308-0090 or at and our professional staff will be glad to assist you.

    Delivery Method--VERY IMPORTANT

    All heavy freight orders are delivered "curbside", which is industry standard for all manufacturers. The shipping company will call you ahead of time to schedule a delivery appointment, and deliver curbside via freight truck. All smaller orders are delivered via regular Fedex/UPS.

    If you choose another type of delivery (such as Front Door Delivery), please retain the email confirming any alternate delivery method for your records. For your protection and peace of mind, any guarantee is only provided in writing and never verbally.

    It is important to note that some deliveries may incur additional costs due to remote / hard to access / limited access locations. Although rare, we will promptly let you know if this is the case so that you may choose whether or not to proceed with the shipment.


    Storage Fees & Delays

    It is understood that by placing an order you are ready to accept immediate delivery of the merchandise. Should you need the merchandise to arrive on a specific date, this date must be relayed before your order ships.

    If your order ships and you choose to delay delivery, the shipping company unfortunately reserves the right by law to return your merchandise to the manufacturer, or charge you storage fees. Generally, shipping companies will not allow your item to be stored on premises--for insurances reasons--for longer than 3-5 business days.

    • If they return your merchandise to the manufacturer, you will be responsible for shipping both ways, as well as a restocking fee.
    • If the merchandise is non-returnable and gets returned to the manufacturer (who thus refuses it), you will be responsible for the full cost of the item, including any third party and shipping fees.
    • If the shipping company chooses to retain the item on premises and charge you shipping fees, you agree to pay such fees in full prior to the delivery of the merchandise.

    In essence, please do not delay delivery of the merchandise, as shipping companies have very little flexibility due to legal and insurance restraints. You will be responsible for all costs associated with self-imposed delays.

    Freight Issues & Delivery Times

    We will always do our best to ensure prompt delivery of your merchandise. However, freight delays may occur due to a carrier dock delay (Fedex, UPS, etc), carrier item loss, inclement weather, and many factors beyond our control.

    We realize this is an inconvenience for you, however it is not grounds for cancellation. Freight issues may happen with any freight from any company across any state. You agree to allow the freight company to rectify the issue.

    • Freight shipping is unlike regular shipping
    • Freight delivery times are never guaranteed--even among the largest freighters--nor will we ever guarantee delivery on or by a certain date
    • We may give you approximate delivery time frames, but never guarantees
    • Freight companies may lose or misplace your item. This is rare and only affects a small minority of shipments across all freight companies.

    In such event that an item is lost or delayed, you agree to allow the freight company and us to rectify the issue. We realize you want your item as fast as possible, but understand we also want to deliver your item as quickly as possible and we understand it isn't a perfect world and freight issues may arise.


    Does delivery include setup?

    Since the standard delivery method is curbside, it does not include set up. Oftentimes customers don't realize professional setup can exceed $1,000 in cost through freight companies. Hence, if you require professional setup, we recommend you find a local installer near you and negotiate their rate to save you money.

    What is Front Door/Garage Delivery?

    When this service is requested on a shipment going to a business, the carrier will take the freight into the storefront for delivery. On a residential delivery, the carrier will take the shipment onto the property, or into the garage of the residence. They will not necessarily deliver inside the front door, but rather at the front door. Please note this is the case with any shipment from any company and is a carrier policy, not our own.

    When a driver delivers to a specific room in a house or business (for example a basement or 2nd floor), the requested service is known as White Glove service. Since this is very time consuming, only specific shipping companies offer white glove service. If you require white glove service, please choose White Glove delivery during checkout.

    Not all white glove quotes will be the same, since not all home deliveries are the same. Number of stairs, corridors, etc may require a different quote and we will let you know if this is the case.

    Color Disclaimer

    All items purchased are represented on our site in as best a color scheme/description as possible, based on information relayed to us by the manufacturer. Colors, however, may vary slightly from what is shown based on the type and age of monitor the items are viewed on. 

    The item name and color is no different on our site than on any other site, and you agree to purchase the item based on appearance as shown and described.

    No manufacturer allows returns based on colors; this holds true for any custom built items as well. 

    Blanket Policy Disclaimer

    For any policy omission or clarification, the individual manufacturer policy will apply without exception. As policies are multi-faceted and constantly evolve, customer (you) and retailer (us) agree to defer to the manufacturer's shipping & returns policy in these instances.

    Free Shipping/Discount Code Exclusions

    It is our goal to be as clear as possible in regards to all free shipping promotions or discount codes. Certain items or brands do not qualify for any discount codes or promotions at any time. These are:

    • Dynamo
    Purchase price is list price and cannot be further discounted. No discount quotes will be given in writing either. Even if the system allows a coupon discount to be applied, it is understood that said coupon will be invalid and item will ship only at full price. This is meant to protect the market value of aforementioned brands.

    Our discount codes are meant to help genuine buyers purchase their dream Foosball, not resellers on eBay or other marketplaces to purchase a Foosball and mass accessories, then resell.

    • Our promotional discount codes for orders cannot include unrealistic amounts of accessories (over 10% of Foosball price, multiple scorers, etc) just to obtain the correct order value to get a discount. This is considered Discount Code Abuse and subjects the entire order to cancellation.
    • Our discount codes do not apply to Coast-to-Coast/very long distance orders from the origin point (the manufacturer warehouse).
    • Free installation promotions cannot be combined with any discount code

    Much as we strive to offer absolutely free shipping during our promotional periods, there are some locations where we cannot offer free shipping. These are usually states such as Hawaii and Alaska, but not limited to these, as well as locations with restricted access (ie islands, heavy metro areas, hotels), rural areas and neighborhoods, or locations which a carrier may deem remote or difficult to get to. Coast-to-coast shipping may not be covered under our free shipping policy, as we strive to obtain the fastest route to prevent item breakage and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. The same applies for distance shipping routes (over 800 miles from the warehouse).

    Example: Berner Billiard deliveries to NY or CA are considered distance shipping, as the supplier is located in Florida, and we will ONLY use premium carriers to ship to prevent the high likelihood of damage. Distance shipping is not limited to NY or CA. 

    If you feel you are in such a location, please feel free to contact us to make sure. We will still provide a credit for shipping in these instances. If you place an order and we find that you are in such an area, we will immediately contact you with all available options.


    Thanks so much for choosing Foosball Planet!

    How do you protect yourself as a consumer and why should you go with us?

    One of the most important aspects of protecting yourself is knowing WHEN the retailer you are thinking of buying from was established. This can be done with a simple ICANN search by typing in the domain of the store you wish to buy from here:

    Icann WHOIS Registrations

    Look at the "Important Dates" section. Would you entrust your hard-earned money with an online store that was created just yesterday or a few months ago? We wouldn't and we certainly think you wouldn't too. Feel free to search us, you'll see we've been around for years and will always be here to help you, and we have the experience to prove it!

    Part of family, the largest online gaming store in the US, we carry the largest inventory of foosball tables nationwide! 

    Having a game table in your home, office, arcade, church, meeting hall, school, or other location is about one thing only: having fun! Our service is designed to ensure that every step of the way, including choosing and ordering your game table, is easy and enjoyable so that nothing takes away from your great time. 

    To do this, we come at game table sales from two angles.

    The first is offering you excellent deals and the largest selection of online inventory, hands down. If you are looking for top-of-the-line gaming tables to put some fun back into your atmosphere, we can help you find what you’re looking for – and likely already have it in stock! The second is our excellent customer service that continues long after you buy your table. 

    We have provided a fast and fun ordering process to companies like Google and MTV, as well as a huge list of universities, churches, and households around the nation.

    We ship through a variety of shipping companies, to ensure not only speed but also a speedy arrival. Our knowledgeable team, originally just a brother and sister duo, is experienced in offering great customer service to these companies, and is committed to giving you the same excellent help.

    We start with our easy ordering system, which helps you find the table you need and get it ordered in a matter of minutes. Our customer service team responds to most inquiries within a single hour, so if you have any questions along the way, you can reach out at any time.

    Then we ship the product to you, and continue to be available if you ever have any questions.

    It really is that easy to turn your space into a great entertaining zone for you, your family, and your friends.

    Contact us today if you have any questions, or browse our catalogue to find great deals on the game tables you need.

    Foosball Planet guarantees the lowest price for an entire 6 months after purchase on all items--but first--how do you protect yourself as a consumer and why should you go with us?

    One of the most important aspects of protecting yourself, regardless of price, is knowing WHEN the retailer you are thinking of buying from was established. This can be done with a simple ICANN search by typing in the domain of the store you wish to buy from here:

    Icann WHOIS Registrations

    Look at the "Important Dates" section. Would you entrust your hard-earned money with an online store that was created just yesterday or a few months ago? We wouldn't and we certainly think you wouldn't too. Feel free to search us, you'll see we've been around for years and will always be here to help you, and we have the experience to prove it!

    Onto the GOOD part, your Best Price Guarantee with a seasoned retailer.

    For New Orders:

    If you haven't purchased from us yet, you have two options to get the best price guarantee:

    1. If you see the item on our website, order it today and we will guarantee it is the best price anywhere online for an entire six months after purchase. If not, we'll refund you the difference!

    2. If you can't find the item you are looking for, or you want options or other custom additions not listed, call or email us at and we will put together the lowest price quote you will find anywhere online, guaranteed.  

    Just email us at with your Purchase Order Number after you purchase. 

    Our 100% Price Guarantees terms and conditions:

    • The price guarantee is valid for up to an entire 6 months after purchase!
    • Please purchase the item from us before requesting your Price Match
    • Clearance or Special Promos, such as buy one get one free aren't eligible
    • The item be in stock on the competitor's website
    • The price match applies to online-only retailer  ie. Costco isn't eligible
    • Auctions or any kind of liquidator sites such as Overstock or eBay aren't eligible, we well as manufacturer retail websites
    • The competitor must be an authorized dealer and follow dealer MAP Policies
    • The guarantee includes the total price of both item and shipping charges
    • Any product purchased with a third party warranty service, such as Clyde or TimePayment, is not eligible for a Price Match. No exceptions.
    • QuadPay or TimePayment transactions are not eligible
    • All Berner Billiards products are excluded from the Price Match Policy


    Feel comfortable knowing that you are paying the best price for all purchases on  - Buy a foosball table today and leave the rest to us!

    Contact us today at 

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