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How to Set Up and Maintain Your Foosball Table

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How to Set Up and Maintain Your Foosball Table

Whether you manage a bar and you’re looking for something fun for your patrons to do while they hang out, or you want something cool for your rec room at home, a foosball table is a great option. These gaming tables are a huge hit at parties, and you only need two to four people to play, so you can enjoy playing foosball with your spouse and kids even when you don’t have company over. Of course, if you’re going to get one, you’ll need to know how to set up your foosball table and what kind of maintenance it’ll need over time.

Setting Up Your Foosball Table

The first thing you’ll want to do when you set up your foosball table is to ensure that the floor is level or that you have some means to level the table once you’ve assembled it. If the floor isn’t level, then you’re going to have issues with the ball rolling over to one side of the table more than the other. You don’t want to make the game harder for some players and easier for others, so you’ll want to start with a level surface.

A close-up of a popular outdoor foosball table.

Fortunately, a lot of foosball tables have adjustable feet that you can screw in and out to make the legs longer or shorter. This way, even if you set up your foosball table outside for a fun summer get-together, you won’t have to worry about the ground being too uneven for a fun and fair game.

After you’ve chosen where you’re going to put the table and you have a solution for an uneven floor, lay out all of the pieces of your foosball table for assembly in an organized way so that you can easily get to each piece as you need it. Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll have no trouble putting it together and getting it ready to play.

Maintaining Your Foosball Table 

Foosball tables don’t need a lot of maintenance, but they do need a little bit of care and attention now and then. Every few months or whenever you notice that the rods aren’t moving as freely as they once did, you’ll want to clean and lube them.

People playing and competing on a popular indoor foosball table.

To do this, just get some paper towels or a couple of clean cotton rags, isopropyl alcohol, and a bottle of silicone-based lube (not WD-40!). Wipe down the surface of the table and the rods with a dry towel or rag, then apply some of the alcohol to a rag and wipe them down again until they’re completely clean. Apply a thin bead of lubricant to each rod and then gently run them back and forth, twisting them as you go to spread the lubricant. Wipe up any excess lube from the table’s surface, and you’re done!

We also recommend a foosball table cover for outdoor foosball tables to protect them from harsh elements, and for indoor tables to protect them from dust and light (which fades paint).

See how easy it can be to maintain your foosball table? You can have tons of fun with one of these gaming tables, and you don’t have to spend hours on maintenance, either. Order one today and see how easy it can be to set up and maintain!

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