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Top 5 Outdoor Foosball Tables on the Market for 2020

Top 5 Outdoor Foosball Tables on the Market for 2020

An outdoor foosball table is a great investment, but with so many models on the market, it can be hard to choose between the best. Fortunately, if you take a little time to get to know the options, you’ll find plenty of great tables, no matter your budget or playing desires. Remember to look at top brands and limit your search specifically to outdoor tables so that they’re appropriately weatherproofed for optimal enjoyment.

Buying from the leading brands is the best way to guarantee that you’re getting quality products. Kettler, Garlando, RS Barcelona and others offer a wide selection of outdoor foosball options. Here are the top five outdoor foosball tables on the market right now, in no particular order.

Kettler Carrara Weatherproof Foosball Table - built in Italy

The Kettler Carrara Foosball Table offers a tournament-style cabinet made of laminate that features a marbled look, along with molded, unbreakable players and a melamine playing field for durability and longevity. The elongated handles make playing a breeze and goalies offer 360-degree rotation for optimal protection of the goal. The table includes:

  • Five resin balls and five cork balls
  • A waterproof cover
  • Easy retrieval from side ball pockets
  • White/black resin scorekeeping cubes

Garlando G-500AW Blue Outdoor Foosball Table - Built in Italy

The Garlando G500AW Weatherproof series was created to offer outdoor enjoyment for all weather conditions. Using stainless steel parts, anti-rust treatments, and water-resistant glues, this table will stand up to the worst weather and is ideal for decks, playgrounds, camping, gardens, and other outdoor areas. It’s light enough that you can even move it indoors if you want, allowing you to enjoy it no matter the weather. Other features include:

  • Telescopic rods include safety features for player safety
  • Two-year warranty from Garlando included
  • Leg levelers for perfect gameplay
  • Molded players that are guaranteed to be unbreakable
  • Silkscreened field lines that won’t fade or get damaged over time
  • 10 standard orange balls included
  • Optional cover available

RS Barcelona Black RS2 Inox Outdoor Foosball Table - built in Spain

If you’re looking for the ultimate in outdoor play, this creative, artistic design has everything that you need. The RS Barcelona Black RS2 Inox table is made entirely of stainless steel and coated with polyester paint for the ultimate weather protection. This table offers Spanish-style play, as well as completely customizable players, down to their hair, clothing, and gender. Other features include:

  • Customized table logo (on top, body, or both)
  • Custom color for playing pitch
  • Concave (Spanish-style) playing field
  • Built-in cup holders and ash trays
  • Optional cover available

Rene Pierre Tahiti Outdoor Foosball Table - Built in France

This luxury outdoor table is handcrafted by French artisans, featuring high resistance to UV rays, water, heat, and humidity. The Medex material used for construction offers moisture resistance along with eco-friendly construction. All rods are rust-proofed and feature ergonomic handles, and the table includes an abacus scoring system. It also offers:

  • Hand-painted diecast metal players
  • Single-goalie setup
  • Pre-assembled for easy setup and gameplay
  • Simple, clean design without too many moving parts

Garlando XXL 8-Player Outdoor Table - Built in Italy

When you’re looking to entertain a larger crowd, the Garlando XXL 8-Player Outdoor Table has all the space that you need. This table is modeled after the classic G-2000 series, including the same sleek, inclined legs, but it offers more playing area for your money. The table is weatherproof, with an MDF cabinet and crossbeams for extra leg support. It also offers a two-year warranty from Garlando and 10 white balls are included with the table. Other features include:

  • Telescoping safety bars with rubber tips
  • Nylon ball bearings
  • Laminate playing field with silkscreened white lines
  • Red and blue plastic players (human-stylized)

What to Look for in an Outdoor Table

When you’re in the market for an outdoor foosball table, any of the models here will deliver everything that you want. To help narrow your options, here are some things that you should be looking for in your purchase:

  • Weatherproof materials (including what they are and how well they work)
  • Full-size pitches for optimal tournament play
  • Included warranties or guarantees on construction and parts
  • Solid wood or metal-coated legs for sturdy gameplay
  • Optional, included, or available covers to protect your table when it’s not in use

In Summary

When you choose any of the brands on this page, you’ll be sure to find the perfect outdoor foosball table for your patio, deck, or other space. Plus, most of these tables are easy enough to move inside so that you can truly enjoy them during any time of year. With standard tournament-style cabinet tables, Spanish-style pitches, and newer modular designs, there is truly something for just about everyone.

Keep in mind that depending on the level of assembly required, you may want to opt for professional delivery and installation with your outdoor table. You need proper construction and a level playfield if you are going to enjoy the game, after all. If you keep these things in mind, picking your perfect outdoor table should be a breeze.


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